Project Update: Fort Denison Permanent Services Reinstatement

The rainiest May since 1996 has certainly put a dampener on a significant portion of the construction industry. However, one of TOBCO’s projects has been largely unaffected by any amount of rain, as it was already taking place under almost 30m of water!

The Fort Denison Permanent Services Reinstatement works have been ongoing since the decommissioning of the original services in 2019.

In the ensuing years TOBCO installed and maintained a temporary power solution with a roof top solar and battery setup, along with temporary water and sewer system. By installing these systems TOBCO was able to maintain the functionality of Fort Denison until completion of the permanent Service.

TOBCO has now installed a new sewer, water, and electrical conduit line nearly 550m from Garden Island to Fort Denison, all three of which are resting safely below a bed of 60 * 3T concrete mattresses that have been sunk to provide protection from ships and anchors.

With the new electrical conduits in place and fully commissioned sewer and water lines the only remaining work is to install and commission the HV electrical cable to power the onsite substation. Planned for completion this Month. Great Work team.

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