TOBCO: ASP Level 1 & ASP Level 2, ITS, Renewables, Civil, Electrical, Communications, and Maintenance

At TOBCO, our capabilities extend far beyond the traditional boundaries of civil and electrical engineering. What truly sets us apart is our comprehensive suite of services, combining our diverse strengths to deliver results. From the onset, our foundation in bridges, roads, and heavy engineering has been a cornerstone of our identity. However, the inception of TOBCO marked a pivotal expansion into the electrical sector within NSW’s Distribution market back in 2013.
Our evolution into a multi-faceted engineering business saw us seamlessly integrating civil works with electrical expertise, laying the groundwork for our ventures into Renewable Energy projects, especially in solar, and ITS work on Transport Projects. Our commitment to excellence has also led us to develop maintenance programs for clients with electrical assets and, more recently, expand into Electrical Services and communications and fibre works, leveraging our skilled workforce’s full potential.

We pride ourselves on professionalism, underscored by our investment in third-party accredited systems and processes that ensure the safe and efficient delivery of projects. Our assets, including a wide variety of plant and equipment, along with our highly mobile and versatile team, enabling us to swiftly and effectively meet our clients’ needs.

As a TfNSW pre-qualified entity, TOBCO is certified to undertake projects on roads and bridges as well as Traffic Signals throughout NSW. Our extensive history of collaborating with both the public and private sectors underpins our reputation for delivering high-quality projects across a broad spectrum.
Our capabilities include:
  • Bridge, Road & Pavement Construction.R3, B3 prequalified.
  • Electrical Infrastructure including Underground & Overhead Relocations.
  • Substations, Civil and electrical
  • Renewable energy, Solar & Wind Farms: Civils, Electrical BoP and Mechanical installation.
  • Traffic Signals & ITS, TS prequalified.
  • Water, Drainage and Stormwater.
  • Accommodation Camps. Civils and full installation of camp infrastructure.
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant installation
  • Electrical asset Maintenance Contracts
  • Electrical Services: Tailored solutions for commercial, industrial, and aged care sectors.
  • Communications Works: From fibre pulling to pit installation and Telco Towers.
  • Street Lighting and kiosk and chamber substations
  • EV charging stations.
  • CEC accredited installer
  • Traffic Control crews, Cat G prequalified
TOBCO’s integrated approach, combining diverse capabilities with a commitment to safety, efficiency, and quality, positions us to deliver complex infrastructure projects across Australia. As we say- give us a set of plans and we can build anything.
  • Bridge, Road & Pavement Construction: Crafting the pathways of tomorrow.
  • Water and Stormwater: Managing essential resources with precision.
  • Demolition: Clearing the old to make way for the new.
  • Bulk Earthworks: Shaping the land to meet the needs of progress.
  • Mining Infrastructure: Supporting the backbone of Australia’s economy.
  • Drainage: Ensuring environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.
  • Sub-Divisions: Paving the way for future development.
  • Solar & Wind Farms: Harnessing nature’s power with civil and electrical solutions.
  • Traffic Signals & ITS: Enhancing road safety and efficiency.
  • Underground & Overhead Relocations and New Infrastructure: Redefining utility management.
  • Water Reticulation: Delivering vital services to communities.
  • Electrical and Civil Maintenance Contracts: Upkeeping critical infrastructure.
  • Electrical Services: Tailored solutions for commercial, industrial, and aged care sectors.
  • Communications Works: From fibre pulling to pit installation and Telco Towers.
  • Street Lighting: Illuminating the streets for safer communities.

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