TOBCO occupies a strategic position in the renewable energy sector, equipped to handle the comprehensive civil and electrical works required for renewable energy projects.

Our extensive experience across metropolitan and regional Australia has enabled us to develop a significant portfolio of renewable projects, including solar and wind farms, showcasing our ability to manage large-scale civil and electrical works within this growing industry.
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Expertise in Renewable Energy Projects
Our dual capacity as a subcontractor and EPC contractor allows us to embrace renewable energy projects of varying sizes and complexities. This flexibility, combined with our proven track record, positions TOBCO as a preferred partner for delivering renewable energy solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.
Our capabilities include:
Our services in the renewable sector are broad and encompass the following key areas:
  • Solar Farms: We undertake comprehensive civil and electrical works necessary for the construction of solar farms, ensuring efficient energy production and sustainability.
  • Wind Farms: Our expertise extends to the construction of wind farms, where we manage all related civil and electrical works to harness wind energy effectively.
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS): Implementing BESS to enhance energy storage capabilities, ensuring a stable and reliable supply of renewable energy.
  • EV Charger Installation: Addressing the needs of an emerging market, we equip locations with Electric Vehicle Chargers, supporting the infrastructure for sustainable transport.
  • Maintenance: Providing ongoing maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance of renewable energy installations.
  • Remote Accommodation Camps: Establishing camps to support project teams in remote locations, facilitating the smooth execution of renewable projects.
Highlighted Project:
Limondale Solar Farm, Balranald NSW
A testament to our capability in the renewable sector is our involvement in the Limondale Solar Farm in Balranald, NSW. Tasked with trenching and cabling works, TOBCO played a pivotal role in the construction of what is expected to be Australia’s largest solar farm.
Upon completion, the Limondale Solar Farm aims to generate just under 350 megawatts of renewable energy, powered by the installation of more than 870,000 photovoltaic panels, marking a significant contribution to Australia’s renewable energy landscape.

Commitment to Renewable Energy

At TOBCO, our commitment to advancing renewable energy projects underscores our dedication to sustainability and innovation. By leveraging our extensive civil and electrical expertise, we aim to contribute to the development of renewable energy infrastructure that not only meets but exceeds current and future energy needs.



Installation of Leichhardt Bus Charging Stations


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