Traffic Signal Installation and Maintenance. TOBCO holds and retains standard and specialist licenses, certifications and ASP Level 1 & ASP Level 2 accreditations in order to provide an all-in-one engineering, construction and electrical service across the country.

Electricians employed within our company are permitted to carry out traffic signal works across the state thanks to RMS TS02 pre qualification.

As RMS prequalified traffic signal contractors TOBCO can carry out works covered by Roads and Maritimes Services (RMS) Category TS02. This means we are permitted to:

  • Supply traffic lights
  • Install traffic signals and intelligent traffic light systems (ITS)
  • Commission traffic light systems and arrange RMS handover
  • Test traffic control signals
  • Traffic light maintenance, replacement and upgrades
  • Construct new Traffic Signal sites including associated civil works for intersection upgrades

TOBCO also maintains traffic signal networks that cover urban and regional areas. Our civil and electrical capabilities allow us to deliver complete intersection and state road upgrades and entire new road construction services in Queensland, NSW and Victoria including but not limited to shopping centres, industrial parks, major infrastructure and residential estates. Our services range from demolition and earthworks to complex engineered infrastructure connected to any public or private utility.



Other TOBCO Capabilities