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Traffic Signals and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) at TOBCO

At TOBCO, we specialise in constructing cutting-edge traffic management solutions. Our team of experts combines engineering precision with hands-on construction experience to build robust and efficient infrastructure.
Here’s how we make a difference:
  1. Signal Installations: We meticulously install traffic signals at critical intersections. From excavating foundations to mounting lanterns, our construction crew ensures seamless integration with existing roadways whilst minimising impact on road users.
  2. ITS Deployment: Our construction process extends to deploying Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Whether it’s installing dynamic message signs, traffic cameras, or vehicle detection sensors, we support a network that enhances real-time traffic monitoring and management.
  3. Electrical Expertise:Wiring, cabling, and electrical connections are our forte. We handle everything from power and signal distribution to communication lines, ensuring the reliable operation of traffic signals and ITS components.
  4. Safety Measures: Safety is paramount. During construction, we implement strict safety protocols. Our team adheres to industry standards, minimising risks to workers and the public.
  5. Quality Assurance: Inspection Test Plans and quality checks are part of our construction process. We verify signal functionality to deliver a compliant system.
At TOBCO, we don’t just build infrastructure; we construct pathways to safer, more intelligent transportation.
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Accreditations & Expertise

Thanks to our TfNSW Traffic Signal TS02, Road R3, Bridge R3 and G10 Traffic Management prequalification, TOBCO is well-positioned to deliver an integrated solution to road and intersection upgrades.
Key Capabilities
Our focused approach centres on in-house delivery, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive experience for our clients. Whether it’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) or intersection upgrades, we offer turnkey solutions that redefine urban mobility.
Key Capabilities:
  1. ASP1/ASP2 Network Connections:
    • Our accredited team seamlessly integrates with utility networks. From data communication to power distribution.
  2. Traffic Management Capability:
    • Our accredited team seamlessly integrates with utility networks. From data communication to power distribution.
  3. Electrical and Communications Expertise:
    • Wires and wavelengths—our canvas. We design, install, and maintain electrical infrastructure. From traffic signals to fiber-optic networks, we connect communities.
  4. Civil Engineering and Delivery Capability:
    • Concrete and calculations—our foundation. We engineer roadways, bridges, and intersections. Our construction crew transforms designs into reality.

Comprehensive Service Range

Our capability extends beyond the installation and commissioning of traffic signals and ITS. TOBCO facilitates upgrades to intersections and state roads, developing new road constructions for various projects, from shopping centres and industrial parks to significant infrastructure projects and residential estates. Our end-to-end services include demolition, earthworks, and the integration of complex engineered infrastructure, ensuring a seamless connection to any public or private utility network.

Commitment to Safety & Efficiency

At TOBCO, we are committed to delivering traffic signal and ITS solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards for safety and efficiency. Our comprehensive approach, combining civil and electrical expertise, positions us as a leader in the seamless delivery of traffic management solutions, contributing to safer and more efficient transportation networks across Australia.



Redfern Midblock Installation

TOBCO, in collaboration with Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), successfully delivered two midblock signalized pedestrian crossings. These crossings serve as vital conduits, ensuring safe and efficient pedestrian access from Regent Street to the newly constructed Redfern Station Concourse.

Karonga School

A new pedestrian crossing at Karonga School is teaching students important lessons about road safety.

The school has become the first in NSW to install a working pedestrian traffic crossing, complete with lights.

The crossing is a true-to-life replica of the crossings on most city and suburban roads.

Tobco worked with Karonga School and Transport for NSW to ensure a realistic crossing was designed and constructed that could stop cars at the car park entrance and teach students an invaluable life skill.

Pacific Highway & Pretoria Parade

Tobco was engaged by Connect Sydney to deliver a safety upgrade at TCS0426 Pacific Highway and Pretoria Parade. The scope included additional pedestrian protection phases and the upgrade of the supporting signal infrastructure.



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