Namoi River Crossing Project: Tamworth Regional Council

TOBCO is extremely excited to announce that it has been awarded a significant regional bridge project in Manilla NSW called the “Namoi River Crossing Project” for Tamworth Regional Council.

The project involves the design and construction of a new bridge located approximately 450m upstream from the existing bridge. The existing heritage listed Manilla Bridge which crosses the Namoi River in Manilla presents a challenge for all vehicles. The length of the bridge (approximately 300m) means it is not always easy or safe to prepare for on-coming traffic. Heavy vehicles are currently required to give way to passenger vehicles and the length of the bridge makes it very difficult for heavy vehicles to determine when it is safe to cross.

TOBCO, along with Barnson Engineering, (Design partner) was awarded the contract by providing a solution to build a new 140m long x 9.5m wide, 6 x 23.5m span 1000mm deep skewed super-T structure. The bridge will be elevated approximately 10m above the ground at its highest point. The substructure will consist of 5 x twin pile/column structures up to 1.5m diameter and 8 m bore depth. Abutments will be earth spill through embankments with rip rap scour protection.

Manilla Road (Main Road 63) is owned and maintained by Transport for NSW (TfNSW), formely Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Business owners Sam Turnbull & Glen O’Brien said “Well done to our Northern NSW regional branch for securing this significant civil project. The construction of this new bridge and associated earthworks will allow TOBCO to further demonstrate its capability. We are happy that TOBCO has won this project in its own right as it builds on the experience of several people in the company that have previously built hundreds of bridges. We look forward to working alongside Manilla small businesses, local contractors and Tamworth Regional Council. “

Tamworth Regional Council has prioritised the need for the “Namoi River Crossing Project”. It successfully secured significant state government funding for this key piece of infrastructure. The proposed Namoi River Crossing will be four metres wider than the existing bridge. It is a necessary piece of infrastructure which will improve the road network, enabling future economic development and improving the safety for the community and tourists to the region. The crossing will improve efficiencies for local, regional and interstate transport companies, as well as the agricultural sector that are reliant on the transport industry.

The majority of the bridge component of this project will be delivered entirely by TOBCOs own people and plant, reinforcing our capabilities to self-perform projects as a principal contractor.”

TOBCO is looking forward to delivering this work for Tamworth Regional Council, whom will provide regular project updates at If you want to receive automatic updates click the ‘Follow’ option on the page.

TOBCO will be working hard in the following years to grow the CIVIL business to ensure it is one of the strong performers in its five core business units.

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