Accredited Service Provider (ASP)


What is an Accredited Service Provider?

An Accredited Service Provider is a contestable works contractor who’s business has been certified to conduct works within their qualified level of authorisation.

ASP’s are governed by the Accredited Service Provider Scheme and are represented by three levels of qualification – Level 1, 2 & 3.

ASP Levels

The Accredited Service Provider Scheme provides contractors with three levels of certification based on training, experience and other professional criteria. The level and grade an ASP is qualified for is also determined by skills and other competencies.

Accreditations (ASP 1, ASP 2 and ASP 3)

What is a Level 1 ASP? – Accredited Service Provider

Level 1 Accredited Service Providers are permitted to undergo construction and installation projects such as foundational works for Level 2 personnel.

What services does a Level 1 ASP Provide

How to get accredited

Contractors are eligible to receive Level 1 ASP accreditation for electrical network services by meeting the following:



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