ASP – Level 1

Accredited Service Provider – Level 1

What is an Accredited Service Provider Level 1?

An ASP Level 1-approved contractor is a company licensed to carry out certified electrical, civil engineering and construction-related electrical works for both underground and overhead sites.

ASP Levels and Accreditations

Accredited Service Providers are categorised into three levels of qualified activity:

  • ASP Level 1 – Construction of network assets
  • ASP Level 2 – Provide professional service work and connection services
  • ASP Level 3 – Network asset design

Our Level 1 Accredited personnel are accredited with the following qualifications and training:

  • Australian Qualification Framework – Certificate III in ESI – Power Systems
  • Distribution Overhead
  • Distribution Cable Jointing
  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (or equivalent)


  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (or equivalent)
  • Registration with the Accredited Service Provider Scheme
  • Become authorised by the appropriate electrical distributors you’ll be servicing
  • Be deemed competent by passing the distributor’s safety training

What services does a Level 1 ASP Provide?

  • Substation upgrades and maintenance – Kiosk, Chamber and Pole Top
  • Overhead works – Line construction
  • Underground operations – Trench excavation and Cabling
  • High/Low Voltage Asset Relocation – increasing electrical capacities
  • Traffic signals and infrastructure – Street lights, traffic lights,
  • Earthing grid installation

Find out more about our Level 2 ASP capabilities

Looking for a Level 2 ASP? See more information on our Level 2 Accredited Service Provider certification and associated services.

The TOBCO way

At TOBCO, electrical construction is our forte. We specialise in offering innovative and advanced civil and electrical solutions approved for all ASP Level 1 and 2 applications.

TOBCO has the equipment and expertise combined with over 40 years of electrical servicing to ensure organisations are provided with complete support and a quality end result every time.

TOBCO Culture

We’ve introduced dynamic workmanship values and standards into our efforts and team culture assuring our clients that the output we manufacture is of highest quality and reflects our mission.

We welcome a diverse range of personnel while assisting with educating and training our fully certified team, ever enhancing their skills across all areas of ASP Level 1 & 2 services.

TOBCO Capabilities

TOBCO is equipped to take on any sized project specialising in both large and small-scale electrical engineering works.

Whether it be an emergency response or an extensive construction project, we have the team and the solutions to get the job completed successfully and cost-effectively.

TOBCO proudly services New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian sites utilising a fleet of equipment to inspect, install and resolve electricity issues keeping our country connected.