Building Bridges for the Future: Tobco Commences Major Infrastructure Project in Armidale Region

TOBCO is delighted to announce the commencement of construction for three important bridges: Boorolong Creek Bridge, Bakers Creek Bridge, and Laura Creek Bridge, a significant project undertaken for the Armidale Regional Council. This infrastructure development project marks our commitment to constructing robust and reliable structures to better serve our communities.

This comprehensive project encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. Initially, our teams will be focused on constructing access tracks that will ensure the smooth movement of construction machinery and materials to the project sites. We will also install temporary vehicular bridges, aimed to minimise disruption to local traffic and maintain connectivity during the construction phase.

Once we have set the groundwork, the project will progress to the demolition of the existing bridges. Following the safe and controlled dismantling of the structures, our attention will turn to the construction of the new concrete bridges. This phase of the project will involve meticulous planning and implementation to ensure that the new structures are sturdy, durable, and fit for purpose.

Alongside the bridges themselves, additional safety features will be installed including guardrails and approaching slabs. Scour protection measures will be put in place to protect the bridge foundations from water erosion, enhancing the longevity of the structures.

Furthermore, the area around the bridges will also be improved. The access road pavement will be reconstructed to provide a smooth transition onto the bridges, and the region will be marked with appropriate signage and line marking to guide the road users.

Once the new bridges are ready for use, the temporary access tracks and bridges will be safely removed. The project will be rounded off with thorough landscaping and remediation work, ensuring the areas surrounding the bridges are restored and enhanced to blend seamlessly with the new structures.

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We are excited about the progress of this project and look forward to sharing updates as we work towards improving connectivity and safety in the Armidale region. The successful completion of these bridges will mark another significant milestone in TOBCO’s journey.


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