Project Supervisor – Electrical

    Construction Managers as delegated.
    A Project Supervisor performs the following tasks
    • Hold daily meetings with your teams and ensure notes/minutes are taken and all hazards and safety issues are addressed at this meeting.
    • Establish new projects, including sourcing documentation, liaising with compliance officers, setting up site safely, planning the work with Project Manager, Project Engineer or Site Engineer, identify major risks, and identify long lead items.
    • Ensure new starters are introduced to the team and are given support to be productive and efficient.
    • Ensure subcontractors and suppliers are engaged properly and that any procurement is done with Managements’ full knowledge.
    • Enhances organisation reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
    • Provide assistance to Management in the day to day running of the business.
    • Identify risks early and inform Management as soon as you become aware of them.
    • Keep records of all costs and provide invoices, dockets, time sheets and receipts as soon as practically possible to the Administration team.
    • Attend a weekly and monthly meeting with the Construction team to discuss progress and business-related activities.
    • Carry out project administration and liaison with network authorities and client with the upmost due diligence to ensure negative feedback or non-conformances are not received
    • Ensure the safety of all personnel onsite when carrying out work, identify training required, right equipment for the project, administer and record risks on work sites and the training given to work crews
    • Source quotations and procure materials.
    • Represent the business as a positive and progressive business at all times.
    • Provide leadership in all areas of safety, quality and environmental core values of the business.
    He/she is required to attend client meetings as required and provide assistance to Management in the day to day running of the business. He/she must be willing to help the business at all times in all manner of tasks. He/she will be required to establish a rapport with the Energy Authorities.
  4. SAFETY:
    • Promote clean and tidy work sites, plant and equipment and the storage of materials. Maintain effective organisational skills to manage this aspect.
    • Keep plant and equipment secure and well maintained.
    • He/she is responsible for setting up site safety.
    • Enjoy Practical and Manual Work
    • Ability to give presentations and comfortably speak publicly.
    • Ability to follow precise instructions
    • Be able to work as part of a team and be able to manage and lead a team effectively.
    • Relevant Trade or Engineering qualifications.
    • Appropriate tickets and competencies (white card etc.)
    • Must complete Network Authorisation and WHS refresher training annually.
    • Demonstrated commitment to improvements in safety and performance, environmental performance and legal compliance.
    • Continue to develop knowledge in Ausgrid, Endeavour and Essential Energy Systems.
    • Safety
      • Commitment to follow safety procedures and requirements, legislative or otherwise, and design policies that comply with these requirements.
      • Ensure tool box talks are completed and uploaded daily via GoCanvas.
      • Ensure everyone on site is wearing the correct PPE.
      • Raise safety concerts to CM, PM, PE
    • Dependability
      • Ability to meet deadlines on scheduled work and to efficiently complete assigned tasks.
      • Leads by example.
      • Can take on the responsibility and leadership of running work sites in consultation with PM, PE and SE.
      • Assists in planning and scheduling in consultation with PM, PE and SE.
      • Liaise with sub-contractors on site with planning and organisation.
      • Communicate material and plant shortfalls in advance to complete works.
      • Ensure that all aspects of the project have been accounted and controlled for. Ensure a high level of accuracy in work.
    • Team Work
      • Be able to effectively and productively within a team environment where task completion is reliant on the co-operation of all members of the team.
      • Leads by example.
      • Mentors work crew and apprentices.
    • Work Quality
      • Ability to perform maintenance activities and associated tasks to a high standard in an environment where safe work practices are critical.
      • Advanced Electrical Trade Skills.
      • Fill out quality documentation ITC’s and provide to PM, PE or SE at the end of shift.
    • Commerciality
      • Understand the project scope of works, inclusions and exclusions so any variations can be flagged to PM/PE.
      • Understand the Project Drawings and raise any concerns or changes to the PM/PE.
      • Ensure Project Site Diaries are completed and uploaded daily via GoCanvas.
      • Ensure photos are uploaded and labelled daily.

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