Armidale Council

Programme Value:

Project Commencement:
July 2018

Project Completion:
February 2019

The replacement of the Boundary Creek Bridge is part of the Armidale timber bridge replacement program involves the design, supply and construction of 7 existing timber bridges over waterways in the vicinity of Armidale NSW.

The replacement of Boundary Creek Bridge involves the Design, Manufacture, Supply of Components and Construction of a new low maintenance 2-span bridge over Boundary Creek, along Rockvale Road, approximately 40 kilometres north-east of Armidale NSW to replace an existing timber bridge.

The works under this contract will involve design, documentation and construction of a new structure to suit Council’s proposed road alignment.

Typical Characteristics of the Bridgeworks included:

Typical Features:

  • Cast insitu reinforced concrete bridge
  • Simple bridge
  • 2 span simply supported concrete girders


  • Moderate earthworks incl. guide banks and rock protection
  • Detailed earthworks (exposing cast insitu piles)


  • Simple foundations on prepared ground
  • Pile foundations (<25m length)
  • Cast insitu piles including simple dry and wet rock sockets

Bearings / Joints

  • Elastomeric bridge bearings

Construction Environment / Traffic

  • Construction over water
  • Low traffic volumes
  • Country location
  • Temporary traffic diversion
  • Temporary bridge

Environment, Community & Stakeholder Management

  • Moderate community / stakeholder management
  • Consultant team coordination and management
  • Design management
  • Moderate environmental management over a waterway